TotalDairy Seminar 2017 Agenda

TotalDairy Seminar 2017 will take place on 14th and 15th June at the Keele Universtity, Staffordshire.

Our theme for 2017 will be Efficient Dairy Farming, concentrating on three areas: Fertility, Heifer Rearing and Nutrition.

In keeping with our ethos of Delivering Global Dairy Expertise, we will have expert speakers from around to world to bring you updates on the latest research in their field and practical take home messages to implement on your farms.

Please note that you will be booked onto the lectures, if you would like to attend any workshops please book these in advanced via the registration website. Places are limited and on a first come first choice basis.

For a downloadable copy of the agenda please click here.

Wednesday 14th June 2017

08:45Registration Opens
9:45Seminar Introduction: Efficient Dairy Farming (The Evidence Group)
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Feed Efficiency in the heifer and cow Jud Heinrichs
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11:30Visualisation and analysis of reproductive performance Miel Hostens
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The influence of diet and management on milk fat (including effect of grazing) (farmer orientated) Adam LockForage and TMR Particle Size (advanced technical) Jud Heinrichs Practical Approaches to Genomics & Heifer Rearing Neil & Richard Eastham: Walmsley Fold Farm Andrew Taylor: Manager, New Bishopton Youngstock Unit, Wigtown Feeding Choline in Transition Diets for Improved Health and Performance Ric Grummer
Integration of Reproductive Programs and Technology to Maximize Fertility Paul Fricke
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14:00The influence of milk fat and diet on energy partitioning and body weight Adam Lock
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Optimizing pre-weaning health and performance(farmer orientated) Ginny SherwinPitfalls in Dairy Analytics (advanced technical) Miel Hostens Impacts of nutrition on inflammation and gut health in dairy calves Michael Ballou Practical application and implication of routine forage digestibility information: A CNCPS case-study approach Mike Van Amburgh
Energy and Nitrogen Efficiency in Dairy Cows Jean-Baptitse Daniel
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16:00Impacts of level of milk solid nutrition on the pre-weaning and immediate post-weaning health Michael Ballou
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Expression and Detection of Estrus in Dairy Cows: The Role of New Technologies (farmer orientated) Paul FrickeMeasuring and monitoring reproduction (advanced technical) John Remnant Getting the most out of feed – how to assess and optimise rumen function in dairy cows
Dr Helen Warren and Dr Dave Davis
How age at first calving influences first lactation survival Ginny Sherwin
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19:00Drinks Reception Followed by Dinner

Thursday 15th June 2017

08:30Registration Opens
09:00Barriers to High Fertility in Dairy Herds Paul Fricke
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My calves and heifers look good…what does that really mean? Michael BallouEnergy and Nitrogen Efficiency in Dairy Cows (advanced technical) Jean-Baptiste Daniel Towards a holistic view of dairy cattle management: lying time and fertility Vivi Thorup & Dr Nick Bell
Measuring and monitoring heat detection John Remnant
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11:00Transition cow diets: What we have learned and areas of controversy Ric GrummerAnalysis of reproductive performance (farmer orientated) Miel HostensHeifer feeding to achieve 23 month calving Jud Heinrichs Development of Fertility Programs in High Producing Dairy Cows Paul Fricke Your herd's health in your pocket – smaXtec, a proactive technological innovation for the dairy and beef sector
Nick Barradale, David Balls, Helen Hollingsworth and Austin Knowles
Optimising feed and management factors for improved nitrogen efficiency Mike Van Amburgh
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13:30Rumen development in the calf and rumen function Jud Heinrichs
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Practical approaches to balancing diets for amino acids for dairy cattle Mike Van AmburghFat supplementation during lactation (advanced technical) Adam Lock Managing dairy cow fertility for improved herd performance Phil Cullinan, Ally Anderson & Charlie Thompson
Development of gastrointestinal immunity in calves: the role nutrition can play in improving health Michael Ballou
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15:30Transition management as a key to fertility success Miel Hostens
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Milk Fat and Human Health Adam Lock
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