TotalDairy Seminar Cumberland Valley Analytical Services

Cumberland Valley Analytical Services (CVAS) is a full service forage and feed testing laboratory headquartered in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. CVAS is the largest laboratory facility for forage analysis in the U.S.A., with its primary location of 3,000 sq. m. supporting a staff of over 100. Unique approaches for forage characterization and significant investment in the Cornell Model are aspects for which CVAS is recognized.

CVAS has partnered with DM Scientific, an independent feed lab in Dalton with UKAS and ISO17025 accreditation. DM Scientific will provide next day availability of analysis of forages by NIR. Additionally, DM Scientific will provide shipping services for samples to our U.S.A facility at minimal cost and without the need for traditional export paperwork.

CVAS is providing technology for enhanced NIR analysis of forages using a "dry and grind" approach to sample preparation that significantly enhances accuracy and precision. Our NIR calibrations focus on generating evaluations that support users of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate Protein System (CNCPS) approach to ration modeling. Backed by a 2400 flask system utilizing traditional methods for in vitro evaluations of NDF, starch, and protein, we are able to provide unique and extensive evaluations of local forages.

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