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Jonathan Huxtable

At Zinpro Corporation, our goal is to support a better future for animals and the people who rely on them. We achieve this by providing the industry with programmes, products and services that deliver a Lifetime of Animal Performance, which drives operational productivity and profitability.

We are dedicated to understanding the relationship between healthy animals and productivity, and we have partnered with industry experts to develop programs like First Step®, which helps identify, diagnose and prevent lameness.

Our Zinpro Performance Minerals®, are backed by more than 200 peer-reviewed research publications, including more than 50 in dairy. This unprecedented amount of research helps us know that great performance during lactation starts at the beginning – with the heifer. Availa®Plus is a relatively new addition to our Availa Line of Performance Minerals that help heifers get off to a great start. As part of a balanced diet, research has shown it can help to improve hoof integrity for digital dermatitis prevention, while boosting immunity, reproduction and milk yield in the first lactation. In addition, research shows that optimal nutrition influences the productivity of subsequent generations since healthy calves come from healthy cows.

Zinpro Performance Minerals meet essential and measurable performance criteria for Return, Response, Repeatability, Research and Reassurance, and they are designed to be in the forms most highly absorbed and utilized by the animal. Every bag – in fact each molecule – exceeds the highest industry standards for quality and for delivering proven trace mineral nutrition based on sound science and integrity.

Contact details: Jonathan Huxtable,
UK & Ireland Ruminant Country Manager
T. +447535404530

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